Idiot King

In the basin of prophecy the drums, trumpets and
Saxophones sing, crying, wailing and trying to sing:
Hurrah, hurrah a brand new King! Fresh banners of
Grassy green and creamy sunlit silk cascade from the
Balconies as all of destinies cronies gather in.
The finest thread organza, clear crystals and
Delighting diamonds dance in the pure light of
New, waiting, waiting in joy to greet their ruler,
Hark! The new King is here! As he ascends to the throne
Cheers ring out from all who conspired to get him
Here, the ones who for some reason have allowed no
Mirrors near.
Curious is it not? He may not see the
Glory second hand, only from hie eyes may the festivities
Be seen…
It is so he do not see the foul mess that lies within,
The empty corners where loved ones should be, but
Instead there they are in prison, under lock and key.
So blissfully ignorant, an idiot King,
Kept happy by vain attempts to stay surrounded by
The immortals of the world, unable to comprehend the
Pure ugliness of it.
Poor idiot, blind King.

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