Nonsense #You

There you are, I’ve been searching for a while,
High and low, always I’ve just glimpsed a
Corner of that heart warming smile. I wondered
Through every corner of reason, each memory in my
Mind, then that’s what convinced me, to find you
I looked inside my heart.
On a pedestal…elevated for the radiance that shines,
I love you, I love you! You drive me mad! Yet
In an odd way I’m so very glad.
Oh yes and you have no idea, which is why I can be
As honest as I like…

The golden god has joined us mere morals once again,
Ready to set hearts ablaze. Oh my heart is enslaved
To you! Do anything I pray, just never throw me
Away, I don’t think I could stand it…but never mind
That, just allow me to keep an eye on you, the
Biggest prize for any heart, body and mind.


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