Drop a Line

It’s all just one big sea, which breaks apart into a
Few lochs, lakes and springs…so beautiful, scary,
So inspiring. The vivid blue of calm, the appearance of
Serenity completely conceals the colour, calamity and
Madness of every single form of life.
One in a million, no, wait, one in seven billion!
So how are we supposed to meet, well the coral guided us
To the beating land of happiness, where the jellyfish
Light inspire the young and elderly turtles rest their weary
Heads. Magic of the sea brought you to me, but then the
Shark came and we went our separate ways, to a new hidden
Home of confusing shape, unstable in the turbulent waves
As I begin to approach the surface, which you dive in from.
Well, I’ll be there soon, but until then…drop a line…I’m sure
To find it!


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