So perfect and sincere, everything
Prim and proper, in its rightful
Place, not so much as a whisker
Growing beyond a reasonable length
On that devilish face.

Oh, how i long to ruffle that
Composure, ruffle the feathers and
Excite the Demon. Let out your
Inner devil, let him rejoice! And
Please, don’t try and deny him i see
Him in your physique, eyes and voice.

A moment of pure passion, whether in
Anger, Love or Lust surely will
Unlock the beast from within.

I look to you already as a God, a fine
Form of a man, now it is your job,
Your sinful duty to take me in hand.
With the closing words i do implore:

Show me your everything, good, bad
And  more…Remove all
The tenderness and plague me with
Passion that is totally raw.


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