Morning Song

A while before the sun starts to bake the
World on a simmer the morning begins.
It all starts with the coo of the pigeon from
The grand tree just the other side of the wall,
A final hoot of the owl, as it’s sleep time does
Fall, the happy and demanding slumberous call.
The twinkling lights of stars above start to fade to
The light blue of the sky as the sun starts to light
Up the world, one ray at a time. The cobwebs lacing the bare
Branches of the tree glisten in the baby light of day,
The faint tinge of frost on the fallen red, amber and yellow
Leaves, all still crunch and raw, before the harsh slop
Of winter sets in.

I love the morning, so sweet and mild, autumn brings the
Spread of cold, but we have yet still a while, to
Enjoy the morning before it becomes the past.


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