Tell me, was it spite on your tongue that make
You utter rich treasures into my mind, your
Rich treasures, the pickings of a spoilt person
All glittering and grand. Well look at yours compared to
Mine, you made my eyes flash green and well with
Water that demanded to be shed. Look at what
You’ve done, it’s devastating, not a clue do
You have! So naive it’s pathetic and so beyond bad.

You think things can’t be as bad as all that, that I’m
Exaggerating, falling victim to hyperbole perhaps,
Well I’m not. I’m the underclass, all hidden and forgotten,
The long lost relation of the middle class fool.
My eyes are green with envy, what I wouldn’t give to be
A pathetic crazy fool.

Yet I’m not, I see it all around, the hushed truth that’s
Denied by your kind.
Damn it all.
There’s no help, not any I can find.

All the while you stay and smile, wanton destruction of my hopes,
Fuels your greed. Gluttony and pride are your sins,
Envy is mine, the green eyes monster that lurks inside.


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