The day started odd, the dark seemed intriguing,
Even I was amused by the glistening droplets of rain
As they fell jewel by jewel. The silvery strand of
Cobwebbed homes shimmered when the sun finally started
To raise his weary head.

It was designed by destiny to be a day of
Mystery, so what better to be clad in than black
Lace and silk, all ready to be tumbled and touched.
Even before the sun broke through the clouds I was warm,
Those huge brown eyes breaking the barriers of cloth,
Following my every move, yes I felt it.

But then who could resist? The tantalising cream against
The startling seductive black, really even the sky
Is starting to blush as my mind looks back. I prayed that
You would see and understand my meaning, fortunately you
Did, oh I love it when you’re demeaning.

Sneer away in false pretence, I see your mind at work,
Before to long you’ll be under the spell,
Unable to break free. I heard my name uttered in shock,
Say it again?

Flirtation is the song, game and entire point to the day.


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