Friends (Doctor Who)


You found me when I was lost, fragmented
Through time always living and dying, you
Held my hand and found that I was alone,
Too unusual for normality but too normal for
The unusual. That’s why I love you, for leading
Me home, showing me the way…

That blue box of wonders, she seemed at first
Not to appreciate me but now she does. I know that
That blue box stole you as much as you stole her,
The First Lady, who survives longer than any other.

I can say it now, I love you with all my heart
But not as the eternal lovers who whisper
To each other in the darkness of midnight,
rather I love you with fondness,
My friend, companion and life partner.

I will never forget you, my very best, very kindest
And longest friend. Just remember, when I surrender
My life for yours all those times I do it freely because
Your song should never end, and I am always
Your friend.


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