His ardour for her hadn’t cooled, the
Molten emotions of passion and lust raced
Around his body. Despite himself, that harsh
Scottish accent and wild eyebrows, he began
To smile as his heart hammered, humming her
Name in his mind.

Her longing for him had only grown when they
Parted, leaving her world empty she tried to
Find a new home, but being unsettled she hibernated
Until she heard him calling to her. She followed her brain
And trusted her heart, nothing more to lose, she gave into

The had found each other out at last, they were in
Love and they knew it would last. In a new fashion for both
Of them romantic gestures were practised, he tried
To give her everything she wanted, and started with a baby
Pink Rose, a promise of love and gentleness for a
Long time to come. Years after
That very first gift he gave her something she desperately
Desired, a child, whom they called Rose.


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