Nonsense #Freedom


When you didn’t hold my hand I used to cry,
And scream at night, my mantra was:
Rue the day I ever met you.

I thought you had done all this wrong:

You turned those innocent eyes into
Fiery pits of doom, swapping brown for
Green, envious tears spilled from their depths.

Pale pink lips, beginning to bloom you plucked
Them and took me too soon to the land
Of suffocating kisses. Shudder at the thought,
Repulsion in my mind.

You took my young form, so fine and lithe, exploited
My figure and stole my free mind. You robbed me
Of choice and spoiled me, I can only ever be for
You now.

Oh you bastard, you bastard I’m
Done, I’m through.

But I was the one who was wrong:

Perspective calls love a forceful intention, well that is
How it seemed, but reflection changes things, you
Saved my life from the mundane, mixed our souls…
Which is how we sail through life, holding tight
To what we know, together.


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