Town Flowers


That was the day we made our first curtsey, politely
Bowed to the graces of society, baby memories and
Softness fled from us in those hours, we became women
Who smiled and radiated femininity…how the time passes
For women, a flurry of excitement which sometimes dissolves
Into sadness when fear creeps in. None the less we still
Shine, our worlds revolving entirely around life, love, activity.

We were never formal debutantes but we entered the social
Life of our town, celebrated our lives so far and all
That was to come, it was a beautiful dance and meal whilst clad
In glamourous gowns.

Hues of sophistication, weren’t we the best pick of
The flowers that year? Well, maybe not, but to us we were
The happiest flowers, that’s the title that suited us
Most: the most happy.

Nearly two years have flown past, what good years they have
Been, since one of my friends was the celebratory Queen!


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