Cardinal Sin

Cardinal sins, can you see them flow within him,
Through those veins of lechery and past that
Brain of terror.
His lustful gaze strays far and wide, settling on the
Prettiest girl in sight, fulfilling two sins for him: lust and
Pride, to achieve those ends he had to compromise
The honour of that woman and spread her wide.
Then after his fill he fed gluttonously and greedily, taking
Too much and being too exuberant…he plotted and
Planned, his envy of the monarch and fear of
Falling from power, Heavens! Even the mere thought
Of a rival causes his anger…never go against him, it
Would cause his wrath to grow, uncontrollably so!
On odd occasions he does not act when he should, something
That his oh so precious God announces to be Sloth, lazily
Doing his duty one could say. But either way, he is of the
Cloth, the cloth of sin which fits him well on the outside, but
More to the point, bubbles fiercely within.


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