A Gentleman and His Lady

A truer gentleman cannot be found in this
Town, nor in any other town that is
Around. He plays gently with my heart,
Pulling at it’s strings until I all but fall
Apart. Oh he teases my mind with soft wiles while
He fills my sight with brilliant white smiles.

He brings out my best, exploits my worst, I went
From a caterpillar into a butterfly under the
Gentle care of the wisest yet youngest owl of all.
She brings out my best, and accepts my worst…

She makes my heart happy, it starts to become a gambler
Playing with my love, she has driven me completely
To the mercy of my lust. I see her good, observe her bad,
Turn it into the naughtiness that makes me mad, with
Longing. She plagues my life, by my side both at day and night,
In my dreams, in everything, my beautiful angel.



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