Every woman is a Goddess, she will yearn and
Burn for a man until one night, or maybe even a
Day, she will fulfil her desire. A single
Shimmering second of sensational sharing between
Her and the One will transform the plain young
Woman into someone sure, happy and sophisticated.
Her eyes light up, radiating warmth like the sun, her
Throat begins to purr, a light and gentle hum, and her
Laugh peals gently out, a twinkling tune of surrender
And fun. She was made to wait, her burning heart pounding
For month upon month, now she does the same to the
Other, making them wait and writhe, yet ultimately
Like all good Goddesses she will not last out
Long until she relents and fulfils her ever
Expanding lust. All women are lust-filled creatures
Just waiting to be loved into Goddesses… Take
The one you love into your arms, keep them
Safe and warm, from harm, watch as the facade of
Femininity falls to the sheer divinity of a loved woman.


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