Yearn for more, yearn for less, we are
All a constant jumble of hormones and
Emotions, total mess.

I crave more affection, even a mere
Slither of your love, you then away from me but
I still care immensely for you
None the less.

Until that day when you show the true
Light of your love I will turn to comfort
And find solace in my mind. Dreaming night
And day of my true loves kiss.

I can see past the fake front you act, pretending
To be this and that, the truth is much more
Simple, you yearn for love, a heart that is
Never full and always wanting more.

Now, take the time and find the right words,
Open your heart and feel the radiating warmth
Of mine. Until such a time that you are ready to
Be mine, I spend the time yearning, burning for you.


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