Sweet Pea


Grow me a garden, for just
You and I, somewhere secret and romantic
But by no means small or shy, pretty Petunias
And dreamy Roses, extravagant star-gazing
Lilies to show our hopes for the
Future not the death of the past, a garden
Of Love for us both, the likes of which
The world has never seen.

In time as the little world of ours blooms
Our love will do too, a cascade of wishes, laughter
And joy between you and I, my childhood sweetheart
Who grew to a man from a green fingered boy. I just as you
Flourished under true love, growing taller and delicious,
No wonder you called me ‘Sweet Pea’, I am
Simply made to be adored in the same way that I
Adore you.

One final act of tenderness, to show how much you
Care, find an elegant swing and hang it
There, from the tree where our names are carved
Into a heart. Install this magical swing
That lets us Rule over all the beauty there is to see,
You are the garden King and I am the garden Queen.

Entwined in love, growing forever more, long
May I be, your little Sweet Pea…


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