Every catterpillar in the world has
Cocooned herself in a bud
Of safety, warmth and hope.
Hiding from the Sun and drifting
In the breeze she has no purpose
Until such a day as He finds her.

When he does the long cold
Night of loneliness melts into a
Fine spring day, no cares, no
Sadness all the negativity simply
Melts away. The sun no longer burns
And her heart no longer aches…her
Entire future life is at stake!

They dance together a while, never
Stopping, always singing, which
Makes her smile. She starts to
Radiate love and every beat of her
Heart causes her to shed the cocoon
Until there she is, a fine female
Who is happy and loved.

Beyond beautiful, a magical process
Past, she is now a woman who can
Take away the terrible gloom
That lies ahead, she grew from a
Catterpillar to a Butterfly because
She felt and fell in Love.


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