Freshly Awake


In those moments just after waking every person
Wonders whether they’ve woken up whole, all in one
Piece, heart, mind and soul.

Bleary eyes and dilated pupils, dark as jet
Seeing nothing but blinding blackness as
It fade to light. However, it is still
Early, the birds are hardly staring yet.

Never is a mind more free from manacles than when
Nothing floats through it, never are opportunities
More transparent when a mind is clear.

Freshly awake one wonders why they chose this life,
Whether what they’ve chosen as truth was actually
A lie…garments of constriction instead
Of feathers of freedom.

Freshly awake from dreams of hope everyone sees the
Sheer horror of their lives, wouldn’t she be happy
As another mans wife? Well she will never know,
But that is why the human being when freshly awake
Is the open view of the human soul.


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