The way #Winter

The way the stars shine so brightly on
A winters night, how when clouds cower behind
The moon the breeze turns to whirling winds
That cut through wondering souls.

The way that the snow falls, crystal by crystal
Like light feathers, drifting in the air,
Floating, swaying delicately to the ground. They
Settle softly down, covering the cold Earth, keeping
Her warm with the hardened water blanket.

The way that early in the mornings, just as the angel
Of the East arises in a plume of orange skirts, the
Little creatures scurry to their homes, the spider steps
Into his web, which hangs heavily with a frost dusting
And dewy droplets.

The way that winter can be so harsh, a whirl of hate that
Summer didn’t last, yet here it is all beautiful and fine,
Let’s try to enjoy the serenity this time.


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