Fading Hope #CynicismSettingIn


Oh God! What a fool am I?
To fall for such pitious
Disillusion, believe that
Love can sprinkle down from
The branches of chance!

Oh, how you must laugh,
Taking joyous celebrations of
Glee from my poor shattered
Dreams. Love still charges
Through my mind, whilst my
Body feels like it will break
From the crack that runs
Through my heart.

Laugh if you like, you will
Always hold my heart even if
I never hold yours. Please stop
Tearing it to shreds, I cannot
Bear much more.

Take my hand and save my poor
And battered heart, you see
Through the visage and
Straight into my soul, you
Like the Love you see, now
Please, please save me from
My cynical twin who tries to
Cowardly scratch at my hope
And faith in you.

Oh God, please do not let me
Be wrong!


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