Song of Freedom

Like a bird in the sky, flying
In the free, like a squirrel in the tree
Your voice speaks to me. Days drifting
Slowly by and you wonder why, what
About hope, about faith and chance?
For this…

Listen closely if you dare, hear the ice
Caps throwing away care, the silence
Of an oblivious heart becomes a cry, the
Roaring of waterfalls wail, as the truth
Starts to sail into the mind of mine. I
Wonder if you loved me then, whether you
Do now, anyway who cares! Now I am free!

Butterflies floating by, summer is near,
Jack Frost backs away, step by step the
Ice melts away. Dreams of summer days flood
In, thawing the heartbreak, it’s a new chance, a
New life for me, without you.

Listen to my song, this is of freedom! Then shackles
Of past are gone, no more do I cry, I am happy,
Free and alive.

And it feels good.


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