Who cannot be but comforted by his sunny Rays of
Warmth, that surround our slender beings with that
Which so many of us so desperately need: a little
Luck and love from our greatest Mother, Mother Nature.

She watches over us all, proud of her Son the Sun and her
Daughter, the precious Moon. She taught her Son well,
To cherish everything that there is, was, or ever
Could be, simply to make others happy.

A glimmer of hope during sunrise, when the most silent
Part of the night falls to a brand new day, He
Promises to care for us, whether visible through a
Blanket of clouds or not.

Then at night a peaceful passing from son to daughter,
Both do their duty, fulfilling their role of protection
And security, everyone feels odd when the sun or moon
Is absent don’t they? They play their parts so
Very well.

Well Sun, a wish I would have you grant, shine on us,
Other children of your mother, who are in
Desperate need of attention, wipe away our worn down
Winter minds and refresh, revive us to life! Send shimmering
Shivers of hope and love down our spine, tingling in
Appreciation of you, the Divine.


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