Nonsense #Truth

Somehow you move my heart, capture my mind, something in the
Way you say my name, so sweet sounding that it
Echos in my memories, forever and
Ever, running in circles through the
Tunnels of time.

Daring; that is how you make me feel,
Always prepared to do anything
Yet at the same time being
Sure of absolutely nothing.

As for how it feels to say your name I
Need not say, I become far more excited with each passing

Daydreams fill time between the meetings we have in
Reality, I imagine beautiful moments, with precise
Elaborate plots of love that flourishes
At last into something that is simply
Majestic. A flower that blooms for a great many

Nothing compares to the hope that bubbles, that is
Ignited by your kindness, all my heart screams is
‘Give me a chance!’ It runs through my mind
High and low, on a loop with nowhere to go.
To say I like you is an understatement, I love you.
So there, I admitted it.


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