Damsel in Distress

For the first time ever distress has taken control,
Wrapped itself into the mind of mine, seeping
Horrible thoughts through my head, stopping me from
Sleeping yet making me want to stay in bed, weep,
Weep, weep. Will it ever stop?

The burnt out record still screeches demonic cries saying:
Do this, do that or just give up and cry. Exhaustion sets
In, washing in and out of the soul, colouring it grey, nothing
Lightens life, except the though of you, knight in shining armour.

A word or a glance is enough to settle the raging sea, the
Onslaught of overwhelming despair that runs through my veins,
Momentarily it is replaced by something wonderful, calm warmth.
It does not last for long, just until my brain resumes any
Activity, frantically distress scrambles back.

I am in the castle, locked up above the dragon
Who scorches any hope, fades it to dust. Fight the fire I implore
You! Save the damsel, I assure you she is very much in
Deep and total distress!


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