Passion burns unguarded, every look into those
Eyes of molten hopes and happiness make the
Fire burn all the higher, just being close
And content with your life fuels the fire.

Give in just once, one moment of sheer lust, just
Let it overtake your senses, something impulsive,
Some say foolish, but always worth it in the end.
Yield to the pleasurable pressure of the passion
That plays with your body, heart and mind.

Let those sly looks be more than thoughts, they
Could be memories of snatched seconds in warm embrace,
Where hearts thundered and fingers desperately unlaced
And unbuttoned the barriers between us.

Hear the breathless giggle that cannot help but
Escape, a pure breathy little moan that proves just
How much is between us.

Your eyes show so much feeling, yet reveal so few thoughts,
I cannot know if I make up this or whether it is
Actually what I saw. Those whirlpools, windows to
The true part of you that I love, oh! Yield to what is
Right, feel it in your heart, we could be good together
And you know it.

Plan a rendezvous, where we clandestine two, can meet
And dance, play the night away and then make love
Until the break of day.


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