Once upon a starry night a wish was made
By two lovers, they prayed to stay together
And be happy,they knew their love would last
Forever. They swore to break free from
The hell they knew of life, promised to love
And cherish each other for eternity, every moment
Of sweet serenity and those of helpless humour.
The moon whispered sweet joys with
The couple, promising them as much as possible.
For once in the universe nothing pulled them
Apart, they were happy and loving, fulfilled
With each other, they became a little family
When one and one made three.

They thanked their lucky stars for the days, weeks,
Months and years they had together, they were content with
Their little world. Nothing ever changed, it was
A charmed world where love dictated, they truly
Did live happily ever after.

Thank god they once took a chance, wished on a star,
It was only once when they admitted their love, once they
We’re brave enough to be together, once, the power of an
Event cannot help but be enough to change everything.
It just takes once.


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