It does not matter what you can see,
Whether we are tall, short, a she or a he,
What truly matters is what we hear,
Whether it is beautiful, with a tone of sheer

It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, and
Everyone has a few scars from life’s battles, it is
The fact that we can feel your pain,
Know every note to be raw and plain, that means you
bring something unique to the game.

Something amazing is in your voice, something that we
cannot fathom In terms of the physical, we
joy to hear what will be Sung,
whether in melancholy, joy or love.

The truth is: appearances do not matter, if the world wants
To see what is inside of thee, they will find it in
Your voice, words, especially when said aloud -be it in
Poetry, speech, song- cannot lie, and the memory of
Them lives on, far longer than any image.

Never are we more truthful than when we tell
A story, using our words and our voices to reveal all.


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