Sinful Angel

In the brilliant blue eyes of every angel
Sin can be seen, yet they never lose their place of
Majesty in Heavens hierarchy, not even when they fall
From there to here.

This ones Big blue eyes, soulful and true, reflect the skies
And pools of the afterlife that we are all enticed
To visit when we die. Beautiful man, one of the Almighties
Favourite messengers, those big blue eyes and manners
Of heavenly standards.

He coaxes us to worship him, with an angelic smile
And a voice that deserves to be heard, especially when
He sings those holy words that made him famous, the lyrics
That essentially made him Him.

Being beguiled by those blue eyes…who doesn’t want to
Spend some time looking deep into them, to discover
What wonders lie behind?

Everyone who stops to bathe in
His love awhile experiences something different, yet
Most of us who are devoted to him feel ourselves
Falling down the path of sin. We begin to forge our
Own halos of lust and greed, simply because we
All want him.

Never the less, we like it that way. We bless
Our Sinful Angel and offer congratulations when
He wins the games that he plays, we parade our affection
When his hair glitters golden, when he showers us
With melodies that are sweet enough to make the
Flowers grow.

Sinful Angel, wild enough to make knees weak and
Tame enough to make hearts flutter, don’t ever
Change my darling (if I may call you that) and then
We shall follow you to Anarchy and back, shall
Love you forever and ever.


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