Mine by Morning

Dreams, beautiful swathes of
Magic and love line the parameters
Of the garden. Lazed in the grass
And sprawled out in the sun, who
Ever knew that time with you
Could ever be so fun?

We laugh and love until the sun
Starts to set, something truly
Wonderful in the way you look at
Me, a touch of lust in your gaze that
Sets my blood on fire. Bah! This
Is love and my head is turned,
Your head is turned too and you are
Completely smitten, mine by
Morning after a day and night
Of glorious company, a love
So dangerous that it can only ever
Be in dreams.

If only those moments of passion
Could come to be, how happy would
It make us, that one and one could
Come together and make an item,
Classified as a ‘we’. All of this
Love, and you mine and mine alone
Until morning, well what do you
Think? Has my halo darkened to
Two devilish horns, because honestly
My heart, brain but mainly body is
Entirely yours!


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