They hurt without meaning to, these
Little gems, they are formed in love and
Released by sadness, they are an outlet for
Fear, a celebration for happiness and pain
For the hopeful dreamer.

Rolling away, creating a path of sorrow, they
Fall and that’s the end. They are the river of hope.
The life that once flashed in your eyes, becomes
Over time, a well and once all those tears have
Fallen the well becomes dry. The dreams and wishes
Simply die with those tears.

It hurts so much to shed the tears, they are more
Than water, the very essence of our being, they are
What we desperately desire. If they fall in sadness
Then hearts will fall too, if they are symbols of
Success then hearts will soar…

Oh take mercy, take pity please! Who ever knew that
Tears could hurt like this?

When will they stop?


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