Nonsense #FloralCarpet

Springs own snow of fragrance is here,
Wafting gently by and settling somewhere
On the warming ground. The petals of white,
Pastel pink and fuchsia are decorating the
Earth, getting it ready for the party that
Is summer.

The grass has started to take on that unique
Green hue, such a vivid shade of life, ready for
The little darlings to start playing their
Games, to grow and explore the great outdoors.

Stepping on the luscious green, or the pretty pavement
Of petals is a joy, love radiates from it, from the
Ground to that sky. Aye, it is time for our Mother
To awaken and make ready the summer, one long and blissful,
Contented sigh.

Such beauty is to be found in Spring, and the
Floral carpet of blossom is just one of those truly
Beautiful things, Mother Earth is making herself
Into a flower, who is nearly ready to bloom. Bless
The springtime and pray for good days, after all,
It is to be summer soon!


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