It usually heralds such joy, this
Golden month of June, the end of all winter
Memories, feelings flourish within slowly
Warming hearts.

Usually everything starts to come to live,
The grass starts to become lush and green, the
Birds begin their tune of merriment a few
Hours early than before.

Such happiness is not brough by June this year, I
Cannot feel the joy anymore.

I have to say goodbye to the people that I love the
Most, the people who I have grown up with, my
Friends of seven long years, and more than a few

While the roses may be blooming in the wonderful
Bounty bequeathed to us by summer, my heart is
Breaking into smithereens, falling apart like
Leaves from trees in the autumn.

Joyful June, why are you so sorrowful? Where
Has the happiness gone, why must it all end
Amongst such beauty?


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