She worked all the day,
And most of the night too,
She got no pay, and no time to play,
She had too little freedom, her free time flew,
Not from fulfilment but for the fact,
She had No free time to spare,
At the end of the day she was totally wacked
But still was summoned to her step-mothers glare.

No friends, no love except from her mind,
She sobbed ever night, silently she shed tears,
Yet heaven forbid that within her chores she should fall behind!
She slaved away her very best years,
Simply waiting to break free.

Little did she know that there was a woman watching her,
A guardian angel who saw it all, she was
Her fairy godmother as it were.
She came one day, and with a flick of her wand ’twas
Suddenly all fine.

One full evening of frivolity and fun,
Nothing more or less than a few hours free
But how is that much, it had been years since slavery had begun?!
She was not bitter about this, her heart pure like the sea,
She enjoyed her time at the ball, she spent
Time in first class company!

Time was a terror, she had to go,
Striking the hour of her impending doom,
The clock struck twelve and sung her woe
And all too soon she was back in her room,
A slave once more.

Yet her salvation was to hand,
The prince found her safe and whole and well,
Before too long she and he wed to the sounds
Of the royal marching band,
And that was it, they were safely tucked under
True loves spell.

Too many know how Cinderella felt,
Pining for happiness yet being used instead,
Dreams of love so strong her heart did melt,
Thank goodness she listened to her hearts and not her head!
However joy does not come to all, they fall
From one form of sorrow to a further
Form of the pain, life is a game and for far too
Many ‘Solitude’ is the name.

But they must never give up, never say her
Name in vain, if it weren’t for patience then
She wouldn’t have found love. Try that before
Breaking from hell to another pit of doom,
Wait a while and you never know, happiness
And love may find you soon.


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