I speak in the language of the old,
I would never normally be so bold,
But today is the day that I must say,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Denounce me a romantic and laugh all you like,
At least my heart is warm at night,
I’m different to you, my heart lived long ago,
And having to be here now it sings only woe.

I cannot talk like you; blunt and true,
I feel the need to extent, perhaps some simpering too,
My clauses stuck together with a lot of glue,
Whereas yours are short and snappy, much like you.

If we were judge solely on our ways,
There is no way I’d be classified into these days,
From long ago my heart and soul seem to be,
Yet there’s not a lovelier sound than the Romantics to me.

An old heart at the time of the new,
As they say opposites attract,
Perhaps that’s why I like you.

This is for you, my old heart
Calling to your new.


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