Twin Hearts

He saw himself within his
Twin, the love and care that
Were behind every single prank,
Touched by kindness and
Unrelenting glee, never were
They more happy than when
Watching the chaos they caused.
Handsome devils who were in
The lap of the God, His own little
Friends and messengers, faithful
And strong until the end.

Without a word being said they
Knew what the other would do,
Following one another regardless
Of what, where or to whom, twin
Hearts and joined souls from
Birth, the sweet Gemini bond
Never let them down, years
Together but still not enough.

Even when alone they knew what to
Do, their voices were forever in
Each others mind, their blood in
Each other veins, never should
One be without another, his
Heart would never be the same.


(Naturally I do not own the characters, if I did Fred wouldn’t be dead…)

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