Once upon a time a
Young girl dreamed of a
Plain, bright future, she would
Marry her friend, the sweetest
And most gentle boy she ever
Knew. They played, laughed
And dreamed, she knew, she
Wished they would be together.

Life however had another plan…as
It always does.

They grew up,
Grew apart, as all good friends
Must do, new dreams, new freedoms
Filled their minds, more darkness
And suffering than they ever

What was seemingly inevitable to
The children was unrealistic
In life, yet it is a pity, she knows
Now that she would have been happy
As his wife.

The end of this fairytale dream was
Inevitable, and she misses him,
Misses the dream of being
With him more than anything. And
How do I know? I was that
Young girl who daydreamed away
With her friend on the green
Field of youth.


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