The Idiocies of Life

Now, today I am feeling the need to vent some very strongly held beliefs about how stupid it is to expect youths of 17/18 years old to decide on their futures. Naturally I did try to put this into poetic meter and rhyme, turns out I just really don’t have the time 😉.

Seriously though, has no one considered how idiotic it is to ask teenagers to decide what they would like to do with their lives? Now, for some teenagers deciding what to do with their lives after their sixth form education has finished is easy; these teens have dreams and ambitions that inspire them and drive them towards success. However, these teens are in the minority. Most youths have very little in the way of pragmatic dreams, oh they have ambition, they desire to be rich and loved, but they lack a focus on how to achieve such goals. Hence I find it utterly ridiculous that we push and prod the young like cattle a demand that they choose what they want to do with their lives. I will use myself as an example, whilst I am one of the minorities who has a goal career and knows how to obtain it, I felt pressured into choosing to immediately attend university. Had the pressure been less I would most likely have chosen to take a gap year to discover myself further.

You see? We, or rather ‘they’ (the education system and caring parents who perhaps just don’t realise) are pushing youths into making serious decisions with life altering consequences (e.g. Debt, a feeling of being lost etc) when really they do not even know themselves. Forcing youths to choose to attend university, pressuring them into making a decision even if unwittingly has a severe impact on the youth, it can make them unhappy, and most commonly depressed.

This is perhaps the Number Once idiocy of modern life: forcing young people into making huge decisions about where and what to study at university whilst they are still searching for precisely what it is they want. If that isn’t stupid I don’t know what is.

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