Death, destruction, decay.

death is the end, the one thing that
Every life has in common, for all people
Life will end and death will come. The
Grim reaper will meet us all one day,
That fated time when destiny decides we
Shall be no more. Death is the first
‘D’ of life.

For those still living destruction is
Most keenly felt, death has destroyed their
Life but taking someone who was loved.
Gone is the hope and happiness too, nothing
But destruction can follow death, no
Seed of hope, except that maybe when you
Die you’ll see them again, and you
Never know if it’ll be soon.

Decay is third but by no means least,
At the end of the day we will all rot
Away, leaving nothing behind. Flesh and
Bone wither and are consumed by nature
That remains living.

In the end once the three ‘D’s have been
Nothing remains, no hope, no happiness,
No life, just the Earth until such a time
That death, destruction and decay claim her too.


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