Maybe One Day

Maybe one day it will be as it should,
The world will turn over in harmony
With no harm, no more hurting.

Maybe one day there will be no starvation,
No inequality or anything judgemental, all
Discordance will be erased.

Maybe one day the sun will have a son,
Someone to send to another place, another
Planet to love and warm.

Maybe one day the moon will have a daughter,
A girl to teach to protect and serve another
World, a nighttime Angel.

Maybe one day the Earth will speak to us,
And on that day may she forgive us for
All of the wrongs we’ve done.

Maybe one day the truth of existence will
Be revealed to us, the knowledge we earnestly
Seek will be uncovered.

Maybe one day we will know that death is not
An ending, it is simply the beginning to
Another level of life.

Maybe one day we will discover magic, or truth
From the myths that give us strength. We will
Believe that anything is possible.

Maybe one day you will see ME, my soul,
Not the vehicle it is trapped in, and you
Will love me for my heart not my body.

Maybe…one day.


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