We are puppets.

We are nothing but puppets, and
They pull our strings, they say
‘Do this for that long and then we will see
Whether you deserve some time free.’
In reality it is a false promise, we
Are dragged this way and that, yet
No deliverance is made.

We are nothing but numbers, pawns in their
Power game, who cares if we live or die?
So long as we don’t revolt or start to have ‘strange’,
Truthful realisations, we are not players in this
Game, we are the played.

The trust, the Faith is misplaced, we are sure
To loose the race of freedom, the chance to speak.
Oh we have the right to vote, but what use is that
When they all play us?

We are not free, we are nothing but puppets to them.
At their mercy.


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