The Distressing Trend of ‘Body Shaming’

Recently the media has been full of claims about the dangers of obesity and the (apparently) rising cases of it. Likewise it has also been commenting on the trend of certain celebrities and catwalk models that are too thin. Now, it may seem to be acceptable to make statements such as ‘they’re obese/overweight/fat’ or ‘they’re too skinny/need a good feed’ but it is not okay to say.

When it comes to body image the media is very biased. They comment far more often on obesity, indeed, they comment on it so regularly that it seems to have become a commonplace topic. This is UNacceptable. I believe that commenting on body image/weight is unfair; we are all individual and such matters are private, thus should be treated with respect.

Weight/body image and confidence are often linked, which is something that the media appears to be unaware of, thus they continue spouting the information that being ‘fat’/’skinny’ is wrong. The media seems unaware that while they may brainwash some people into believing that false mantra, they are offending thousands of others.

I believe that the rise of so called ‘body shaming’ can be linked to the media’s indifference about discussing body image and weight. Many members of public feel that it is now acceptable to openly (and sometimes quite rudely) make remarks about the body image and weight of other people. THIS IS WRONG. Certainly we are all entitled to an opinion, but that opinion is best left unshared if it may cause offence to the person.

For example, I myself have been subjected to cruel body shaming remarks, many people feel it is fine to tell me that I am fat. In fact they take great pleasure in telling me that I am fat, my answer to them is always the same: ‘You know nothing about me.’ If they did they would realise that I eat when I am upset, and having friends and/or strangers calling me fat makes me upset, in no way does it motive me. Quite often after being ‘shamed’ my weight increases, which leads to an unbreakable cycle of weight gain and body shaming.

So before you next body shame, or you hear the media crudely commenting on weight/body image in an objective and totally uncaring manner consider this: they/you know nothing of the individual(s) in question.

We have no right to shame one another, but we do all have the right to expect to be respected. Frankly I think body shaming whether to do with weight/image etc should be outlawed across the world. This is the 21st Century, haven’t we learnt of our own uniqueness and individuality yet?

So please if you can, prevent body shaming from ever happening again. We are all different, but we are all human and we all deserve to be respected rather than humiliated/shamed.


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