I must be such a disappointment to you, a
Waste of hopes and dreams, you must’ve wanted
Your girl to be beautiful, slender and much
Like you, a Queen of vanity and all things that
Can be seen. Yet I am none of those things.

I always hoped that I’d teach you to see past
The eye and into the soul, I think I’ve failed
In that, I’ve made your younger years seem wasted,
And you feel old.

I am a cursed figure, forever in a muddle,
Forever looking like a freak who has been
Dragged back and forth through a muddy puddle.
Not a pristine princess, perfectly turned out,
Beautiful in every regard.

I’m sorry, I’ve disappointed you, I am
A Disappointment, fat and ugly instead
Of slim and beautiful like you wished me to be.

It is for you I am ashamed of myself,
I am your biggest disappointment, a permanent failure,
Years thrown away on a lost cause.



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