Girl Power? More like Power Cut.

In the younger generations a distressing trend has been developing; a total disregard of the sisterhood/girl power that has formed over the last 60 years. This was/still is a movement of belief that began in the 50s -arguably even earlier in the 1920s- which reached its pinnacle in the 90s with the  Spice Girls leading the way. A movement which since then has been dwindling within society, now reaching a new time low.

Girl Power and the sisterhood was all about safeguarding, nurturing and kindness between all members of the female sex. Age, size, ethnicity etc did not make a difference, as a member of the female sex Girl Power meant unlimited chances and support. Without this girls and women are left powerless against a society which is still very much biased towards men.

Young women in the present time feel that it is more than acceptable to judge, belittle and dishearten members of their own gender. They believe it is perfectly agreeable to slate their sisters and fall out over trivial matters such as sexual partners/ sexual opinions etc. The sisterhood of Girl Power is gone for a whole generation, in its place is a group of young women who are far more reliant on their sexual partners than of their friends, of their sisters.

Rivalry and hormones have won against the bond of gender, it is surely anarchy and madness when members of the same gender turn against each other!

The worst part of the loss of Girl Power and support within the female gender is the impact it has. Females still have not achieved equality within society, and are still often subject to ridicule and sometimes abuse simply because of their gender. It may be 2016 but there is still a long, long path ahead before women and men are considered equal. The loss of Girl Power and reassurance for other females makes this path to equality so much harder.

It is vital that we make Girl Power popular again, without it our lives will not be of a good standard, without it we will not achieve all that we can. How will we be supported if we do not support each other?


3 thoughts on “Girl Power? More like Power Cut.

  1. in my naive opinion, I think the decrease in the ‘Girl Power’ movement may have something to do with the recent popular pushback against radical feminism (like chauvinism, but with the genders swapped.)

    And… I don’t know, maybe it’s something about having lived in New York City all my life that makes me blind to the necessity of pro-gender movements. We’re all kinda equal over here, I think… at least, as far as I’m able to see. I tend not to get involved in those conversations, but decided to make this one exception for this post πŸ˜€

    We all should help each other regardless of gender, I think. :shrugs:

    1. I do very much agree with you about the helping each other regardless, it’s just that here in the UK, especially in some areas of poverty the female morale is at an all time low especially amongst teenage girls/young women and it upsets me. I’m a full believer of equality for both sexes but seeing females putting each other down and not supporting one another really upsets me. There’s a strong brotherhood amongst men here, but not between women.

      It’s just a big issue and it’s something that I feel needs to be corrected as soon as possible because who knows what may happen if it isn’t sorted out!

      Thanks for commenting 😊

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