Windows of Wonder

There are moments in time,
When everything else fades
Away, when the people
In front of you take away
The pain.

A moment of rare beauty,
Sad and fleeting but unique
To life. Beauty ebbs and flows
In life, a little light amongst
The grey. It is a wonderous
Sight to behold, yet it breaks
Your heart and creates a crack
In your soul.

We live for these little windows
Of wonder, when the breeze toys
With white washing on a hot
Summer day, when in winter
The rain stops yet the droplets
Remain, settled on the petals,
When you hear the children
Laugh and sing, just these
Little moments.

They inavde your soul,
Sneaking like smoke into your
Lungs, it stings and makes your
Eyes water. Yet it is needed,
It is what makes us human;
These small windows of wonder.


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