When I was a little girl…

When I was just a little girl,
Standing no higher than your knee,
I thought I knew the world
And what I wanted to be.

I dreamed of standing straight and tall,
In the court room battling for
Freedom, answering justices call.
Yes, it was a lawyer I wanted to be,
But I shall not become one,
Turns out it just wasn’t me.

Now I dream and while away days,
Little rhymes popping in my mind,
Making me see the world in new ways.
I know now that teaching will be
My calling until the great voice says
That my time is come.

Little me would’ve berated, bellowed
And cursed me, thinking it an easy life.
But it won’t be, it won’t be.
It is harder to try and fail than it is
To do nothing and succeed.

When I was a little girl I truly thought
I knew everything. How wrong I was
And how little I still am,
Because there’s nothing that I know
For sure, especially anything about me.

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