Fuck Off

I hate you.
You drive me like a slave,
Well not to death,
But tiredness and illness
Certainly, you pay me no
Wage, yet I must pay you
Three thousand pounds
A year at least.

You plague me with responsibility,
And children that are not
My own, they are yours
But they call me Mum now.
I hope it hurts you.

I hate you,
For what you have done
To me. I am broken and hurt,
And there is no one that I
Hate more than you,
Nothing more in the entire

I hope you enjoy this verse
For it is directed at you,
You have never been my Mother
And you will never be theirs.
You have made them mine
By shoving them on me.

Now we all hate you,
So just fuck off and leave
Us all be.


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