Nonsense #MyDream

I had a dream,
Of happiness and love.
Oh how I wish it were true!
This is how it went, just me and you:

The night had been dark,
Full of so much terror
And pain, but the dawn,
The newly rising sun
Heralded something new,
A time of healing, of love
And magic between us two.
You forgave my past stupidity
And simpering, you saw me
For everything; all that is,
All that was and all there ever
Could be, and then you just
Held me. Wrapped me tight
In your arms and held me.
With my head against your chest
I could feel the gentle beat
Of your heart, your grip was crushing
But your arms were soft.
You loved me, and held me in your arms,
And in your heart.

It was a beautiful dream,
To imagine such love at sunrise
When in truth I witness it
Everyday alone.
I wish it were true,
But I know it never will be.
So instead I will just have to live
With seeing you in my dreams,
See you early tomorrow morning.


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