The Importance of a Notebook

Hey all, so this is a different post from me today, I’ve decided to write a short one about the importance of keeping a notebook! I myself am new to keeping a notebook, previously I just kept everything on here. But since having started one I feel like my work has improved in its quality, mostly because I’ve had a chance to edit it more finely and experiment with it more widely without it being seen. That said I do very much like the feeling of achievement that comes when I can finally press the publish button on WordPress.

There’s a few concepts about notebooks that I believe from experience (as well as a small survey conducted at University) that initially put me off keeping one. The two most reoccurring thoughts were that the two most difficult things about keeping a notebook are: remembering to use it regularly, as well as allowing yourself to write messily inside it. The former point was easiest to address, making a conscious effort to write something, (even if only a snippet of conversation that I found particularly engaging) at least once a day. Thus, keeping a notebook became a habit. The latter point was still rather more difficult to fix, especially as I have such a high regard for work on paper; I always like it to look and be perfect, but soon enough I learnt that the finished product is perfect, not the process of making it!

Overall, I truly cannot stress nor advocate the benefits of keeping a notebook enough! Honestly, it’s enriched and enhanced my experience as a writer and I hope you’ll agree that over the past few months my work has steadily improved; and I personally believe this improvement is due to me now keeping a notebook.

I’ll finish by adding a collage of a few pages from my notebook, bits of work that prove that what is inside a notebook is not a finished or beautiful piece of fiction, poetry etc. but rather a stepping stone towards that.

Much Love to all my Readers! X



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