The leaves are lush
And green now,
Causing the branches
To bow, a splendid sight
To the left and right
Down a country lane.
They make a canopy
Where light dapples
Through, a sort of hiding
Place for emotions
Or sadness that make
You feel blue.
The tears can dry
Or fall as you stroll
By the leafy shelter,
They’ll hide your tears
Or guide you back
To smiles.

I love this canopy,
I let my tears run
Freely, it’s my own
Fault really.

Alone under a tree
Canopy with cake
And no company.
Tears on my birthday.


4 thoughts on “Canopy

  1. you’re not quite alone on the internets. 🙂

    yeah, birthdays can be like that sometimes. but it’s one day out of many; i have faith that you’ll be okay.

    (if it is your birthday… would be awkward if fiction. 😊)

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