Ordinary, average, fair.
I can’t take it anymore!
Greedy though it is
I want more!

I want to be spectacular,
Amazing at something beyond compare.
I need to be great
Rather than good.

Dull and mundane,
Christ! These things drive
Me insane. I just can’t
Take the pain of being ordinary.

A normal life,
A normal job,
A normal death,
A normal funeral.

Is it unfair, is it selfish
That I want more?
I’m suffocating from the lies
Of existence, the meaningless
Dribble that we are fed.
I want more because this isn’t
Am I bad?

I’m suffocating and it hurts.


6 thoughts on “Suffocated

  1. Catherine, I thought the EXACT same thing today! Your rendition of it far better than mine! I think so many of us feel this way though it is rarely spoken about, so I’m so glad you did and this poem is excellent.

    1. Thank you! It’s a feeling that really needs to be acknowledged, we all have only one shot at life and not a single moment should be spent feeling like this. I’m sorry you’ve felt like this too. Thanks for commenting.

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